Business Administrator Level 3.



End-Point Assessment is the final assessment for an apprentice. An apprentice cannot achieve their apprenticeship without passing the End-Point Assessment.

EPA is an opportunity for an apprentice to showcase what they have learnt during their apprenticeship for a Business Administrator. This assessment includes a Knowledge Test, Portfolio-Based Interview and Project Presentation.

End-Point Assessment for a Business Administrator can be carried out remotely or face to face.


Gateway requirements for a Business Administrator includes:

  • Evidence the apprentice has achieved Level 2 Maths and English

  • Demonstrated on the job IT Skills

  • Completion of a Project or Process Improvement


Assessment Method​

Knowledge Test

Apprentices will be given 60 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions. This test is delivered online and will be invigilated by an NEPA representative.

Portfolio-Based Interview

The apprentice’s portfolio will provide the structure to the interview, therefor the apprentice will need to discuss their performance over the apprenticeship. The interview should last between 30-45 minutes and will be scored out of 100.

Project Presentation

The apprentice will deliver a presentation on a project or process they have improved. The presentation will last 15 minutes and will be followed by a 15 minute Q&A.


Apprentices will achieve an overall grade, Distinction, Pass or Fail for their End-Point Assessment. For an apprentice to gain a minimum Pass, they will need to achieve all pass criteria. For an apprentice to gain a Distinction, all Pass and Distinction criteria must be met.

These results will be communicated within 10 days of assessment. Should a learner need to retake either or both assessment methods this will take place within 6 months of initial assessment.

EPA Resources

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