Apprentice Registration.

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The NEPA Registration Process

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Register Apprentices

(at least 90 days before desired EPA date)

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Pay your registration Invoice (£30 for each registered apprentice)

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Upload the gateway document and supporting evidence when ready. This should include functional skills certificates and/or exemptions. This can include additional gateway required qualifications, portfolios, projects presentations, showcases etc.

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NEPA Admin Team will confirm acceptance of the gateway and supporting documents

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Apprentice or Training Provider will book the dates of EPA. The Training Provider can do this through ACE360 or the apprentice can call

01925 931 684

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NEPA Admin Team will approve the booking and allocate an IEPA

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Once EPA is complete, you will be sent an invoice for the remaining funds. Results are turned around in 10 days

*Please note, when registering with us, along with all our standard specific support documents you will also be sent a ‘Registration and Booking Guide’ which will inform you of the process in more detail.

National EPA use ACE360 to book and manage all End-Point Assessments. Through this system we can manage all End-Point Assessments in one place.​

To register your interest and gain an Ace360 log in, please email who will support you through the easy process of setting up an account.


Do you have learners ready to register?

If you currently have learners ready to register, please complete the form below and a member of the team will be in contact within 48 hours.